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Friday, March 23, 2007


Karen Stearns

Wow, what a great invitation. How could anyone resist it?


I'd LOVE to participate in your seminar, Tamara! Count me in.


I'd love to participate too, only I wasn't sure if we were allowed more than one seminar... And since Tamara and Amanda are participating in my seminar, and I am participating in Amanda's, there is a potentual for Tamara and Amanda to get sick of my participation very quickly. If they honestly don't care, then count me in!


OMG, that would be three seminars that Amanda would have to put up with me! As much as I love the topic of death and like Tamara, I should respectfully decline.


That's a good question, Steve...how many seminars can we participate in? Since we're a relatively small class, I imagine it must be a few. If I attend Jenn's this week, Tamara's the following week, and Steve's later, that makes three. I'm just so interested in what you all are working on, it's hard to choose which to attend!

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