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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Joe Fox

That is an interesting point Tamara. I feel I need to a bit more reading maybe finish the book, before offering a response that would do it justice.

Karen Stearns

Tamara, I agree w/you. And the comparison to Anne is a very apt one. Interesting books to pair.

Would you agree that some of our resistance comes from applying early 21st century expectations for girls/women to an early 20th century character?

I wonder how you are feeling as you continue to read?

I think Mattie's struggle is informed by an early feminist consciousness.

The novel is a working through of just how hostile the forces Mattie opposes can be. However those forces are constructed in the novel the result is the same: nothing comes easy when she joins the fight for her freedom.

Tamara Jolie

Actually, before thinking about what an ideal reader was, I had NO resistence to Mattie. I accepted her character point blank and absolutely loved her. I'm simply attempting to look at her with another point of view.

Even with my Feminist leanings, I still have a preference for female characters that are fragile, vulnerable, and naive... young women that you want to shelter, nourish, protect, and mentor. (Interestingly, I was not instantly drawn to Anne of Greene Gables.) Why is this? As 21st century readers, I (and possibly many people) are still drawn to a certain type of female character.

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