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April 29, 2006



As for not trashing the girlie books, Dawn, so get kickin' with the critical skills you've got to "read" the gossip girls in so many ways that expose popular culture to careful scrutiny for discussions of identity, representation, social constructions of class and gender, etc. etc.

Same with CUT...it changes everything when we read these texts as fertile ground to do "cultural" work w/kids.

This work is empowering because it allows to to step outside discourses that construct them (and which they constuct) and see how manipulative, or reductive or how disempowering the messages in these texts are.

Wow, that was my TH night lecture summed up in a short blog post. Way to go Stearns. KES


Um....and Sammy and Juliana Hollywood?


Dawn, stop reading amazon.com reviews and pretending like you've been reading all of these books. ;-) Btw...Did they kick you out of the Children's book section at B&N yet? My money is on yes. It's not cool to give kids coffee.


Jesse's just a spoiler--jealous is all Dawn. Don't pay him any mind! I know you're not lurking in the children's section of B&N....I see you over there browsing the magazine racks. And I'm right there w/you. KES



I can see we're going to have fun Tuesday compiling the writing...how would you know I was in the childrens' section if YOU weren't there also?!

(you think you're funny, don't you?)



Dawn, wait till you hear my presentation in the research class..I've got PLENTY to say about the "trashy" romance genre! Thanks for all the info about YA books...in my class, we get surprisingly little information about anything contemporary....

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