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May 17, 2006


Jacqueline Deal

Yowser! You know this scares the pants off me!

Summer Beretsky

Me too.


I know this story well... I did part of my student teaching at WVW ... one of the English teachers and my professor (T. Jones) went to bat for the poem containing the F word - it's a good poem, if I can find it I'll post it.


You know, if the administration hadn't made a big deal out of cutting the poem, it's likely no one would have cared. There's nothing particularly "edgy" about that poem, even if the teacher's name was left in. However, it's funny that, in trying to censor it, they have inadvertently brought it into the limelight. And now it's published on the Internet for everyone to read. Way to make a big controversy out of nothing, Wyoming Valley West school!


It's censorship like this that leads to acts of idiocy. The only thing the student who wrote the poem is going to learn is that a creative outlet for anger is a waste. I hope that school doesn't blame anyone but themselves when a bunch of teachers' cars get keyed.




Hey Dawn, weigh in!! KES

Nancy Korba

I watched a video about the history of Argentina while I subbed in a Spanish class last week. In one scene, a group of students discussed how the communist government censored the press and violated freedom of speech. One student boldly stated that the censorship only succeeded in promoting ignorance, lies, and poverty...
I think that these WVW students are very brave for standing up for their rights and freedoms.

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