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May 08, 2006



Why hasn't anyone suggested a title yet? I was looking forward to this contest.

Oh well. Here's some of my ideas (nearly all of them unusable).

-No Parents Allowed
-Scandalous Attempts at Young Adult Fiction
-Jesse Daugherty’s Masturbatory Fantasies (and other tales)
-The Project that Would Not Die: Young Adult Fiction
-The Young Adult Bible: New Modern Translation
-Impersonating Youth: The Terrible Secret of Young Adult Literature
-Any Excuse to Show Off Our Awesome Young Adult Writing
-Critically Analyze THIS, Professor Stearns!
-I Won’t Read This and You Can’t Make Me
-Inspiration and Obligation: YA Writing Compilation


Actually, I quite like some of these...

• I Won't Read This and You Can't Make Me (is that too direct an attempt to plagiarize Mary Reynolds?)

• Critially Analyze THIS, Professor Stearns (ah, my liking for this one is just a function of the thrill of seeing my name in print)

• I like the Young Adult Bible (but worry that this one is close to blasphemous and may offend some folks.)

So there you have it James. The others, no offense to their author, makes us all look a bit desperate to come up with a good name. Poor Jesse!!

I meant it about the prize--time's a wastin! I hope others weigh in. KES


Just to clarify: I didn't intend for any of those to be seriously used. I was just trying to encourage other people to post suggestions.

But I think one of those gives Jesse some serious motivation to come up with a good title.



I couldn't agree more. And I took them in the spirit in which they were intended. Actually, I'm annoyed at Marilyn Reynolds for taking that good title for our collection.

I think the ball is definitely in Jesse's court. A lot's at stake! KES


Alright, like James, I couldn't come up with only one. Most of these are serious, others are just for fun.

--Teens in Turmoil: Rediscovering Youth

--Rites of Passage, in Print

--Dialogic Consciousness: Fascinating Connections to the Multitude of Young Adult Experiences

--The Fountain of Youth: A One-Way Ticket to the Angst of Adolescence

--Search for the Holy Grail: Teen Lit in the Making

--Why aren't adults reading this?

--Famous and Loving It! Searching for the Right to Be World-Renowned For Our Writing.

That's it for now,
Dawn ;)



I love your first title. You get my vote -- I'm not the competitive type.



I think I'm going to play along with this, but I sure as hell don't want to be the next American Idol. I'm pretty sure that show is why gas prices are so high, there's a war in Iraq, and general suffering still exists. Anyway...

Stuff That Is Not Ungood
Future Memories of the Formerly Sane
Critical Criticism: A Critique
Fruitful Labors

None of those are too good, but I'm running out of time.

-Matt W


It is always sad when authors only become recognized post-mortem. I fear some grave accident might befall you before your mystery is ever completed. You'll pay my friend, you'll pay.

But, in keeping with my "work," how about this title:

Handiwork: A Collection of Familiarity

As for serious titles, I've got nothing and will not be dared into this. (actually, i just can't think of any).


Dave E.

Hmm... how's about...

Young Adult Literature for Dummies

We Wrote It, You Read It!

A Little Bit of YA Lit (stolen almost verbatim from the title of one of my classmates' blogs from last semester... always liked that title)

Excerpts from People Who Didn't Show Up to Chris's Party Saturday Night (Plus a Bonus Piece by Dave)


3 tries:

1. Mid-life Crisis: The Young Adult Fiction of Old People

2. Fiction with Friction: 616 Keepin' It On the Real

3. War and Peace

My vote so far goes to either Stuff That Is Not Ungood (it works on so many levels) or The Young Adult Bible . . .



I have to vote for Fiction and Friction...I'm a sucker for alliteration.

I almost ended this post with "keep it real." It would have been the worst joke ever.

Matt W.


You know, we could actually combine some of these to create monstrosities like:

-Dialogic Consciousness: 616 Keepin' It On the Real

-Young Adult Literature for Dummies: Stuff That Is Not Ungood

Or even…

-Fiction with Friction: Jesse Daugherty’s Masturbatory Fantasies

Sorry Jesse… it’s just so easy…



Poor Jesse.

The vote's ongoing. I've extended the opportunity to weigh in until TUES afternoon.

I'll let you know what I think about these titles later..not that anybody cares!! Just kidding!..K


Ohh... goo title:

Not That Anybody Cares

JB- i knew i was opening the door for more jd jokes, which reminds of this time when I was at his house and I opened the door to his room and...



re: good, not goo

Dave E.

I was going to make a "goo" joke, but then I realized that this has officially degenerated to something far below my level of intelligence.

"Young Adult Literature for Dummies: Stuff That is Not Ungood" is just too awesome a portmanteau of titles to be passed up. I used "portmanteau" in a sentence! Now, to look it up to see if I've done it correctly... ahh, not really. But close enough.

Given that there is so much excitement over the title, I suppose there actually has to be a cover to this magazine. Umm, which reminds me... gotta go.


haha- I guess this is why high schoolers do not talk about such things without finding themselves relegated to the uncool table at lunch time. Speaking of which, how about a King Arthur meets a h.s. lunch kind of theme like
"The Round-tabled Lunchtime Reader:(Re)Writing on the 'Cool' Table"

P.S. I hate you all.


Aw, Jesse: can't take the heat when other people pick on you, huh?

So, I had another idea about a title:

-- Youth: The Age of Revolt



My vote is for James's version of Fiction with Friction.... And I like some of Dawn's, but will not vote for any them. Ever.



And I'm laughing my head off...Jesse, your comment about the uncool cafeteria table in any high school was right on.

All of these guys are sitting at it--except for Dawn. She's too cool for all of us.

Why hasn't MATT F or NICK weighed in???? KES


Oh, Jesse...don't be jealous...you can still vote for one of my titles and still be opposed to them!

By the way, go AWAY!


Dave E.

So, umm... it would appear we have reached no consensus of any sort. Awesome.


Chris, I hope you're not terribly disturbed my inclusion of your title.

Milking the Adolescent Cow: The Fiction of Old People


Chris, I hope you're not too terribly disturbed by my inclusion of your title.

Milking the Adolescent Cow: The Fiction of Old People


Maybe we should try to come up with the worst title we can possibly think of. For some reason, I feel that's more our style.
I'll start: Nothin' Could Be Finer Than English Six One Niner
Not only is it cheesy, unoriginal, and vile, but it uses the word niner.

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