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May 19, 2006



Interesting Matt....why so few classes? How many is that?

I encourage you to get on Dawn's summer reading blog if you're not already.

How did it go with Oneida or don't you know. Principal didn't call me back but I sent him very pointed email. KES


I know you're already hooked into Vonnegut, but I had good fun teaching Slaughterhouse 5 last year. Also, I think Strangers in a Strange Land by R. Heinlein is one of those great cross-over books that appeals to a lot of different people.

Hope work becomes a bit more inspiring.


I second Chris' suggestions for both books. Yea C!

You've got so many directions to go in Matt--from just the reading you did for 619...

I also recommend U. LeGuin's "Left Hand of Darkness." Some fascinating gender-bending there I think you'd find very interesting.

Also, re: sci fi--reading the Frank Herbert DUNE series and the Azimov FOUNDATION series would keep anybody busy for a long time!! Good stuff. Stuff my h.s. kids read when I encouraged.

Dave has sci fi suggestions as well--from his seminar.

Let's keep the suggestions coming from other bloggers. KES


It's not that work is uninspiring; I just don't have enough "up and going" time. I have three sections of 11th grade. I see each every other day, and I have three sections of AIS. It just gets to be a bore when I have 2 straight hours of nothing going and then study halls afterwards.


It might be a cheesy read, but its still a GREAT, "Princess Bride." It's a lot like the movie except a bit darker and still very funny.


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